Uthralikkavu Temple, Trichur

Uthralikkavu, or Rudra Maha Kali Kavu, is a Devi temple in Central Kerala, situated in the halcyon pastures of Akamala Desham (aka ‘inside’; mala ‘woods’, in other words, a valley), in Thalappilli Taluk, Enkakkad Village, Wadakancheri Panchayat, Trichur District, Kerala, famous for its annual pooram/vela festival. Uthralikavu Pooram is one of the spectacular temple festivals to be witnessed in Central Kerala during summer (Feb-Mar). It is a festival filled with thrills and excitements with the procession and marching past of a number of elephants with colorful decoration to the accompaniment of the resounding Panchavadyam and the Pandimelam – two types of drum orchestration quite loved by the locals and tourists alike – and the fireworks that follow after the panchavadyam and chendamelam is one, it can be said, with no parallels to be found anywhere, even in Trichur Pooram that is wellknown all over the world.

Uthralikkavu temple is some two kilometres north of Wadackanchery on the Kodungallore-Shoranur state highway. Just aside the Thrissur – Shoranur Railway line, amidst the paddy fields and surrounded by a chain of highlands and hills, the temple compound forms a rather arena-like stage where the Pooram and its associated features such as elephant procession, fireworks, percussion orchestra etc. would be held. Despite the fact that the temple is rather small in size compared to its counterparts in Kerala and that it is located at an isolated rural part of the district, during the festival season, the temple and the village raises to media attraction and news fame.