Ponnani Fishing Harbour

Ponnani harbour is an extremely beautiful place. Ponnani is situated in the  Malappuram District in the state of Kerala. It is also serves of the administrative center of the Taluk and Block Panchayath of the same name. It is situated at the mouth of Bharathappuzha (Nila River) and is bounded by the Arabian Sea on the west. The tidal port is an important fishing center in the region


The tidal mouth of Bharathappuzha in Ponnani harbour, where Bharathapuza and Tirur river join together to traverse into the Arabian Sea, is a seasonal home to hundreds of migratory birds and attracts a large number of bird watchers and ornithologists. When one crosses Bharathapuza by ferry from Ponnani to Chamravattom in the summer months of March to May, one cannot miss the sights of lovely flocks of birds. Nearly 25 varieties of birds have been identified in this area.