Kolukkumala, Munnar

Kolukkumala is located in the Kerala – Tamilnadu border with entrance only from Kerala. It can be visited from Kerala by traveling around 30 KM from Munnar town located in Idukki. It is located on the slope of the the Meesapulimala. Named after the word “chill-mountain” in Tamil language,it hosts the highest tea plantations in the world. The tea is cultivated in completely organic way and is processed using the old traditional way of manufacturing. The high altitude, cold and freshness gives Kolukumali tea, rankings as one of the best teas in the world.


The place can be reached only by a jeep after traversing through 11 dangerous hairpin bends . One can reach here by traveling around two hours from Munnar town. The road from Suryanelli is extremely challenging where the jeep runs from stone to stone in the most adventurous way. A trekking could be also done from Suryanelli which would take around 5 hours to reach the destination.This hill station is only for the ones who would go an extra mile to see its beauty. The journey up the hill is challenging body breaking.The real climb starts from Suryanelli which is a small town located 23 kms from Munnar. You will require a jeep or a mountain bike. Have to be a really good driver too. Most travelers hire a jeep from Sooraynelli. For several kilometres there is no road. The ride through the rocky road is bumpy and very very shaky. It takes about one and a half hours to reach the destination at 5 kmph.

Kolukkumalai is paradise for both nature lovers and trekkers alike. Kolukkumalai is an amazing paradise for all nature lovers with a variety of flora and fauna. It gives lot of opportunities to walk up it’s slope for some amazing and spectacular scenery of the peaks above and swirling clouds below. If you are a fan of nature, you will feel this place is the one of those heavens you are looking for some time. Kolukkumalai should be included among the amazing locations of this planet earth.

Once you reach on top you can wander in the realm of clouds.You can feel the moist touch of mist. Watching sun rise from Kolukkumalai is a mind blowing experience. To get this view you will have start very early in the morning atleast by 4 A. M. Added advantage is that you get a clear view of the valleys in morning sparkle. The view blocking clouds set in only in the later hours. You can see townships of Tamilnadu from this point. The view down is covered with infinite stretch of tea gardens. There is also an echo point where the nature says back what you speak towards it. It is an perfect location for photography. The clear, bright and unpolluted nature would give you one of the finest photos ever.

There is an old tea factory where even today tea is processed in the traditional method. Due to the very high altitude and best climate the tea produced here has a very special flavor. The tea factory was built in the 1930s and has completely wooden interiors . You can find a factory outlet to taste some of the finest tea or take home some fine tea packets. There is a home stay up in the hill. The factory workers live in a self sufficient model. They have school and other basic amenities up in the hill.