Kodanad Elephant Centre

Kodanad is a rural river side village of Ernakulam district, Kerala, southern India. Kodanad is situated on the south bank of Periyar river, about 42 kilo meters east of Kochi. Situated on the southern banks of the Periyar, amid the high ranges, near Perumbavoor, Kodanad is one of the largest elephant training centres in South India. Earlier the animals captured from the Malayatoor forests used to be trained here. Since the ban on elephant capture Kodanad has been reduced to a training centre.

Kodanad is famous for elephant rescue, care centre, and mini zoo. Here elephants are trained by special trainers called Paappaan. In 1950 to 60 they started to capture and train large number of elephants. They were trained by with the help of Mahouts. In 1970 the government of India prohibited capture of elephant. After which Kodanad is changed as Kodanad Elephant rescue and care centre.

Kodanad is located in the headquarters of Malayattoor forest and is well known for elephant Kraal. Elephant Kraal is a made up of wood compartment and tall in size. It can hold 4 elephant in it. Within this Kraal elephants are kept well preserved and they are trained in this locked condition. At least 4 to 6 baby elephants are taken here and trained well. Baby elephants are owned by the forest department. Large number of tourists visit this place to see the baby elephants.