Ezhattumugham Nature Park

Ezhattumugham is a country village in the Ernakulam district of Kerala India.It is situated 11.8 km from the nearest Nedumbassery Airport, Ernakulam, Kerala, India and 40 km from Cochin. You can get there hiring a taxi from the nearest town Angamaly as there is no public transport to the location.Ezhattumugham is around 80 km from Kochi. Though there are a few shortcuts via Angamaly, it is best to reach Chalakkudy and proceed from there.

Quaint and serene, the river Chalakudy at Ezhattumugham is a picture postcard coming to life – its flow punctuated by islets of greenery and boulders of all sizes and trees growing right in the middle of the gently moving water. A full-grown tree surrounded and nurtured by flowing water is a sight one cannot easily forget. And the mini waterfalls, which not only tickle your feet, but also remind you of the gentle force of water.

During the non-monsoon months, the river bares its beautiful depths and you can walk on these boulders and islets through shallow water, right to the other bank of the river. If you are not the kind who gets scared easily, that is. Ezhattumugham lies in Ayyampuzha panchayat in Ernakulam district. While one side of the river is the northernmost end of Ernakulam district, the other bank of the river is where Thrissur district begins. But the river belongs to Thrissur, villagers are quick to add. During the monsoon months, the river hides the smaller islets and the water sometimes reaches the road by the banks.