Alappuzha Beach, Alleppy

Alappuzha Beach is a popular beach located in the Alappuzha district of Kerala. The calm beach in general could be very violent during rainy season.The beach has a beautiful small park nearby. TheĀ  Lighthouse stands very near to the beach and could be another interesting spot for the tourists coming to the beach.

Alleppey beach is made up of a long stretch of shores densely populated with the palm groves. The shores, the sea and the surrounding landscape offers a fascination to the beach, not to be found else where. Tourists to the beach can indulge in water sport activities like surfing and swimming under the clear blue sky.

The beach still has the remains of Sea Bridge, which is corroded. The Sea Bridge use yo enable the passage of goods from the ships in the olden times when it was a major commerce port. Alappuzha is referred to as the Venice of the East by travellers from across the world. This Backwater Country is also home to diverse animal and bird life. The beach usually little crowded from people all over the world. Another beutiful item worth mentioning is the presense of camels on the beach. Tourists can take a camel ride on this beach which can be breathtaking.